Our Story

Hi I’m Danny Parker, Founder of Forest Maker Honey. 

I gave up a career in Environmental Science to start Forest Maker Honey, here’s why.

New Zealand, like most countries, has recently witnessed a mass loss of biodiversity due to a huge upheaval and removal of the ancient forests and ecosystems. 

But the good news is that, in New Zealand, the Manuka Bush is the first species that colonises empty ground, this allows other trees to grow under its protective cover. 


Manuka trees are the foundation of forest restoration in New Zealand

The Manuka bush is the ground stone species that begins a new forest. It can grow on tough terrain and provides a shrub layer through which other native plant species can grow. By planting Manuka there is an opportunity to restore lost ecosystems and save many unique species from extinction. 

It a huge stroke of luck that the Manuka Tree also produces nectar in the flowers, which when collected by bees is turned into Manuka Honey. This Manuka Honey has recently been discovered to have strong anti microbial and beneficial properties.

Medicinal grade Manuka Honey is used now in hospitals to assist in wound healing; the antimicrobial properties keep the wound clean, while other components appear to assist the skin in healing faster. There is still a lot to be discovered. Even so, there is an accumulating body of scientific evidence that Manuka Honey assists in fighting infections and supports the body’s immune system.

This has driven up the demand for Manuka Honey, making producing Manuka Honey an economically sustainable business. 

As a result, impoverished rural communities now benefit from preserving and supporting Manuka and the associated forests, through employment and purpose. This is a huge positive shift towards a sustainable use of the land.

Forest Maker Honey Restorative Model

It was for these reasons, that I choose a career change from Environmental Science to promoting and supporting the new Manuka Honey industry. I have been working in this industry for the past five years.

I decided to launch Forest Maker Honey to directly re-invest profits from Manuka honey into planting Manuka forests and native habitat restoration, so that the people who buy our honey can see directly the impact their purchases are having. 

I love the thought, that when buying this, we can feel pleased that it is genuinely doing good on so many important levels.

– Danny Parker